Thursday, October 8, 2015

How Quickly Becomes a Top Sugar Daddy Website

established men
Established Men is a sugar daddy website, connecting young, beautiful women with established rich men. The site was established in 2007, now with 1,450,000+ members, of which about 37.5% are from the US, and about 25.4% are from the UK while the rest traffic mainly comes from India and Canada.

To our surprise, this sugar daddy website has much more male members (we assume them to be sugar daddies or established men) than female members, according to The male:female ratio is nearly 5:1, which is just the other way on other sugar daddy sites.

The site was not so famous before April this year, when AshleyMadison had not been hacked. As a sister site of, every time when media sites talk about AshleyMadison leak, they talk about their sister sites and Traffic tripled in April 2015 and the website, not shut down but getting more members, soon gets listed as a top sugar daddy website, being second only to SugarDaddie, the first sugar daddy website on the web.

Just like SeekingArrangement's Yacht Killing case in 2014, the case not defeated the sugar daddy website but helped it grow into a leading site in the niche by bringing lots of exposure, traffic and users.

To be continued...

Saturday, May 2, 2015

How to meet, date and marry a millionaire in the UK?

Despite the financial slowdown in the United Kingdom, the only section of the society that seems to be unaffected comprises of businessmen, lawyers, models, athletes and doctors, among others. This is exactly why a lot of people prefer dating a millionaire as it would ensure a financially secure future for their entire family. Here is how you can kick-start your relationship with a millionaire and take it to the climax.

Meeting a Millionaire

We are all aware of the kind of places that wealthy men and women visit. However, these places are either reserved for a selective audience or people looking to date a millionaire hesitate in approaching one. There are a lot of inhibitions when it comes to approaching a stranger. You have absolutely no idea about his dating preferences nor do you know if he available.

This is where millionaire dating sites score over conventional dating. There are a lot of millionaire dating sites such as that can connect you with wealthy men and women from across the globe. It is essential that you create a comprehensive profile and put up your best pictures so as to make a great first impression. You would also be able to browse through profiles of other users in order to determine whether or not they're suitable for you.

Dating and Marrying a Millionaire

When you’ve managed to find an ideal match, it is important to take things ahead. However, things would drastically change when you're looking to date a wealthy person. Millionaires have great analytical skills and are competent enough to understand who is genuine and who isn't. If you ask a lot of questions pertaining to their wealth such as the amount of property they own or the car they drive, it would give an impression that you're in only for the money.

It is essential that you remain compassionate and show that you love the person from his personality. Genuineness is in fact the only quality that millionaires look for in their partner. Given that you cannot pamper them with extravagant gifts, make sure you surprise them with little gifts like flowers, collages, greeting cards or something else that is well within your budget. For millionaires, love is best conveyed through emotions and not materialistic values.

If you continue to be genuine and show that you truly love the person, there is no way you wouldn’t fall in love with you.

Monday, March 16, 2015

What are difference between sugar daddy sites, rich men dating sites, and millionaire dating sites?

Sugar daddy sites are part of rich men dating sites. Millionaire dating sites are also rich men dating sites. The difference is that sugar daddy sites connect men and women who are looking for arrangements dating while millionaire dating sites and some other rich men dating sites are for men and women who are looking for serious long term relationships.

You will meet lots of rich men and beautiful women on sugar daddy sites but chances are that the men are married and are looking for some casual fun while the women are not looking for a life partner but someone who can pay her college fee and buy her luxury bags, clothes and shoes, etc.

On millionaire dating sites, there are as many successful women as successful men. There are also beautiful, ambitious, young women looking for rich men but chances are that the women are looking for someone who can love her and be a soul mate and a life partner.

The best sugar daddy sites on the web are Seeking Arrangement, SugarDaddie, Sugar Daddy for me, Sugar Daddy Meet and Sugar Sugar. Top millionaire dating sites are Millionaire Match, Seeking Millionaire, Date a Millionaire, and Some other good rich men dating sites are,, both are sugar daddy sites with non-sugar names.

Now you know the difference between sugar daddy sites, rich men dating sites and millionaire dating sites. If you want to find someone to pamper and spoil you but don't care if he is married or not, then sugar daddy sites are sites for you. If you want to find a rich life partner, then millionaire dating sites are best sites for you. Read our reviews of best sugar daddy sites and top rich men dating sites to find the man of your dreams now.

Monday, March 9, 2015

Sugar Daddy Dating – Is it for you?

Many young women are under the dilemma of whether they should get into a relationship with a sugar daddy or wait for the right man and opt for a conventional romantic relationship. The solution to this query lies in the woman's requirements. If you are successfully able to understand your needs and chalk out a path to meet them, you will conveniently find an answer to this confusion.

Here are a few parameters that could assist you in choosing a relationship partner:

Do you easily get emotionally attached to any person?

Well, if you are more susceptible to getting emotionally attached to people, then getting into a sugar relationship can prove to be a challenge. There are chances that your sugar daddy is married and has kids too. Under no circumstances would he leave his family for you. In the end, you'd be the one left out and disappointed. On the other hand, if you can have a strong control over your emotions, opting for a sugar relationship is the best bet.

You seek financial security

While this certainly doesn't sound sexy, sometimes it becomes a necessity to look for a dependable person who can take care of your bills. Besides, if you are a student facing difficulty with finances in an alien land, dating a sugar daddy can be a potential solution. He can surely help you with tuition as long as you give him company and spend some quality time with him.

Seeking wisdom and knowledge

There is no doubt about the fact that a sugar daddy would be 10-15 years elder to you. This means that he would have more experience in dealing with things that you might be facing difficulty with. Learning from the experiences of sugar daddies, you will be able take more informed decisions. If you are a budding entrepreneur or a freshman looking for a job, he can definitely help you out.

Go ahead if you can maintain a life of secrecy

Sugar daddies who are married might maintain a certain level of secrecy while dating a sugar baby. It would be better if you don't pester him with little things. In addition, never ask him anything about his personal life. Regardless of how excited you are, never give out details of your relationship with a sugar daddy to any person. In case, you can lead a second life with your sugar daddy, having one is certainly a good option...

10 Famous Men Who Are Dating a Much Younger Woman

Gone are the days when men preferred to date women who were just few years younger to them. With the changing times, the age gap has widened even more. Rather than age difference, it is the mind-set of a person that matters the most. Men look for beautiful and younger women, whereas women look for rich and successful elder men. Considering the varied choices of both, many men chose to date younger women in their life. Here is a list of the 10 famous men who have chosen to date women who are much younger to them:

1. Donald Trump: Back in the year 2005, Donald Trump chose to marry Melania Knauss who was 24 years younger to him. While Trump has been married twice before, this was Melania's first marriage.

2. Hugh Hefner: The ladies' man known behind the success of the huge brand Playboy, Hefner has been involved with women of all ages. In the year 1989, Hefner married the much younger Kimberley Conrad, after splitting from his first wife.

3. Steve Martin: The lovely couple of Steve Martin and Anne Stringfield got married in the year 2007, and is still very much in love and together. The age gap of 26 long years did not bring any difference in the love between the two.

4. Pablo Picasso: A world renowned painter and artist, Picasso lead a fun-filled life and was involved in a series of love affairs. Eventually after several hook ups, Picasso married 45 years younger Jacqueline Roque with whom he stayed for life long, after divorcing his first wife.

5. Harrison Ford: After being married twice before, Harrison started dating 22 years younger Calista Flockhart in the year 2002. Eventually in the year 2010, they both got married.

6. Nelson Mandela: An activist and world renowned politician, Nelson Mandela after getting married twice, eventually got married to Graca Machel nee Simbine, who was 27 years younger to him.

7. Alec Baldwin: Being married once before, Bladwin got married to the dance instructor named Hilaria Thomas in the year 2012, after dating her for a year.

8. Aristotle Onassis: Prominent Greek shipping magnate, Aristotle got married to Jacqueline Kennedy in the year 1968, who was the young widow of U.S president, John F. Kennedy.

9. Woody Allen: Woody Allen after being married four times before, got married to the much younger Soon-Yi Previn in the year 1997.

10. Sylvester Stallone: Previously married twice, Sylvester got married to 22 years younger Jennifer Flavin and are still together.

How to Make Your Sugar Daddy Feel Emotionally Connected With You

sugar daddy dating
Dating an elder man who is not only wiser than you, but also is rich and influential is quite a tricky task. There would be times when you doubt the authenticity of the relationship. Certain words said by him or deeds by him might make you feel upset. But, by giving the required attention and pampering, you can make any sugar daddy connect with you not only physically, but, emotionally too. As a woman you need to show your delicate side and certain gestures, which would make him feel more connected to you.

To help you get a knack of certain tricks and ways through, we have listed 4 quick tips, which would help you ascertain that your sugar daddy stays connected with you for long:

• Be a good listener: Sugar daddy dating, as the name suggests is all about a rich and powerful elder man who is looking for an arm candy. When you get into such a relation, be certain to give attention to the needs of your sugar daddy. If you succeed in keeping him happy, it will further lead to him getting emotionally involved with you.

• Respect the space: Sugar daddies look for beautiful young woman, who are carefree and do not bother their partner with things of the world. If you act like a matured girl and trust him enough to give him the space he wants without questioning certain things, then it would make him feel good about you, from the heart.

• Time factor: While age gap dating happens when people of different age fall in love with each other and usually end up marrying. Sugar daddy dating, at most of the times is a short lived relationship. Till the time the needs are being met and the couple is happy with each other, the relationship persists. After a while, the relation ends with no justification given or taken.

• No emotional drama: If you do not overreact on any arguments or discussions, it would keep your sugar daddy happy. Sugar daddies basically look for girls who are young, beautiful, lively and carefree. If you happen to let your sugar daddy have a great time together, he is sure to connect with you on a physical level.

Sugar daddy dating is fun to be in. With so many gifts and luxuries presented to you, nothing else matters. By following these few tips, you are sure to become all that your guy wants. Once done with this phase, the sugar daddy is sure to begin with connecting to his arm candy in an emotional way.

4 Tips to Help You Get & Keep a Beautiful Young Woman

older men dating younger women

Which man would not want to date a good looking young woman? After all, a young and fun girl is every man's fantasy. And, what if this fantasy becomes a reality? Well, it is not as easy as it sounds, but, not even so difficult that it cannot be fulfilled. Some men have it in them; few others can master the art of wooing a young and beautiful woman. If you are willing to imbibe all those qualities, which are required to date such a woman, then mentioned below are few quick tips to help you get and keep a beautiful young woman:

• Make sure you look good: To attract a beautiful woman, you need to yourself look equally look. And, looks does not only mean good physique, but also dressing up well. As they say, the first impression is the last impression, so make sure you dress up nice and look your best.

• Display a good sense of humor: It is not easy to keep a beautiful woman attracted towards you for long. However, with the right sense of humor and wit, you can keep the woman you like by your side for long.

• Time to do some pampering: A woman would never stay with a guy who does not know how to pamper her. It is necessary that you not only know but also show that she is special to you, by pampering and spoiling her as much as possible.

• Be frank and direct: Woman like it when they know the intentions of a guy. Whether you are just looking for a short term affair or are seriously considering her for a long term commitment, be clear about your intentions. When she knows you are bold enough to declare what you are looking for, she would treat you with respect and admiration.

These simple, yet, effective tips would certainly help you woo the woman you have fallen for on an online dating platform. Not only would these help you grab her attention, but also assist in ceasing it for long. However, a beautiful woman would want to date someone who never fails to show her that he cares and loves her. Just by following these few tips, you can shower your undivided attention on her, which would make her feel all the more loved and wanted.

Seeking Arrangement Review

Seeking Arrangement is one of the best sugar daddy dating sites in 2015. The site is exclusively created for rich older men (sugar daddies) who want beautiful young women (sugar babies), and rich women (sugar mommies or cougars) who are looking for younger men or cubs. It is the first dating site that advertises "arrangement dating", which offers beautiful young girls and boys a place to seek financial benefits from older men or older women who are seeking a hot young companion. is the best designed sugar daddy website on the web. The site is chic and easy to use. Sugar babies and cubs can access all features for free, while sugar daddies and sugar mummies are required to pay subscription charges if they wish to send emails and use other premium features.

The subscription rates are stated as under:
• $30 for 1 month subscription.
• $60 for 3 month subscription.
• $90 for 6 month subscription.

According to Bradon Wade, CEO of Seeking Arrangement, "Arrangements are the future of dating". He even said that "Love is a concept invented by poor people." It's not strange that many daters (mostly men) say that, "Join the site if you are interested in meeting prostitutes and nothing more than that ..."

The site is becoming popular among college girls. In 2013, Seeking Arrangement announced that approximately 44 percent of its 2.3 million "sugar babies" are in college. That's what the site wants and likes. Young girls need someone to pay the bills and sugar daddies favorite beautiful young women who are highly educated yet eager to learn.

If you want to be pampered by a rich old man, showered with gifts, taken on all-you-can-buy shopping sprees, and enjoy meals at the best tables in town, Seeking Arrangement is a good place to look. If you want to date and marry a rich man and keep a happy long serious relationship, then Seeking Arrangement is not for you. Rich men dating sites or millionaire dating sites would help.