Monday, March 9, 2015

10 Famous Men Who Are Dating a Much Younger Woman

Gone are the days when men preferred to date women who were just few years younger to them. With the changing times, the age gap has widened even more. Rather than age difference, it is the mind-set of a person that matters the most. Men look for beautiful and younger women, whereas women look for rich and successful elder men. Considering the varied choices of both, many men chose to date younger women in their life. Here is a list of the 10 famous men who have chosen to date women who are much younger to them:

1. Donald Trump: Back in the year 2005, Donald Trump chose to marry Melania Knauss who was 24 years younger to him. While Trump has been married twice before, this was Melania's first marriage.

2. Hugh Hefner: The ladies' man known behind the success of the huge brand Playboy, Hefner has been involved with women of all ages. In the year 1989, Hefner married the much younger Kimberley Conrad, after splitting from his first wife.

3. Steve Martin: The lovely couple of Steve Martin and Anne Stringfield got married in the year 2007, and is still very much in love and together. The age gap of 26 long years did not bring any difference in the love between the two.

4. Pablo Picasso: A world renowned painter and artist, Picasso lead a fun-filled life and was involved in a series of love affairs. Eventually after several hook ups, Picasso married 45 years younger Jacqueline Roque with whom he stayed for life long, after divorcing his first wife.

5. Harrison Ford: After being married twice before, Harrison started dating 22 years younger Calista Flockhart in the year 2002. Eventually in the year 2010, they both got married.

6. Nelson Mandela: An activist and world renowned politician, Nelson Mandela after getting married twice, eventually got married to Graca Machel nee Simbine, who was 27 years younger to him.

7. Alec Baldwin: Being married once before, Bladwin got married to the dance instructor named Hilaria Thomas in the year 2012, after dating her for a year.

8. Aristotle Onassis: Prominent Greek shipping magnate, Aristotle got married to Jacqueline Kennedy in the year 1968, who was the young widow of U.S president, John F. Kennedy.

9. Woody Allen: Woody Allen after being married four times before, got married to the much younger Soon-Yi Previn in the year 1997.

10. Sylvester Stallone: Previously married twice, Sylvester got married to 22 years younger Jennifer Flavin and are still together.

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