Thursday, October 8, 2015

How Quickly Becomes a Top Sugar Daddy Website

established men
Established Men is a sugar daddy website, connecting young, beautiful women with established rich men. The site was established in 2007, now with 1,450,000+ members, of which about 37.5% are from the US, and about 25.4% are from the UK while the rest traffic mainly comes from India and Canada.

To our surprise, this sugar daddy website has much more male members (we assume them to be sugar daddies or established men) than female members, according to The male:female ratio is nearly 5:1, which is just the other way on other sugar daddy sites.

The site was not so famous before April this year, when AshleyMadison had not been hacked. As a sister site of, every time when media sites talk about AshleyMadison leak, they talk about their sister sites and Traffic tripled in April 2015 and the website, not shut down but getting more members, soon gets listed as a top sugar daddy website, being second only to SugarDaddie, the first sugar daddy website on the web.

Just like SeekingArrangement's Yacht Killing case in 2014, the case not defeated the sugar daddy website but helped it grow into a leading site in the niche by bringing lots of exposure, traffic and users.

To be continued...

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